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Privacy Statement

The limitations of confidentiality, such as those based on the civil laws of each state, regulations, and judicial precedent will be explained to each client as part of the intake process prior to any counseling services by Dr. Beverly Wright. Examples of limitation or exceptions to confidentiality include, but are not limited to, such situations as:

- Legal Mandate, Where Child Abuse or Elder Abuse Is Suspected or Apparent
- When Revealing the Information to Someone Would Prevent a Clear and Immediate Danger to a Person
- Legal Proceedings in Which the Member, Counselor, Caregiver, or Minister Does Not Have the Privilege

When a client, or other person receiving pastoral care, makes a statement in the presence of a third party, that statement is not protected by confidentiality privilege.

The presence of a third party negates any inference that the statement was intended to be privileged communication or an act of confession, and as a counselor Dr. Beverly Wright will document the same.

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In the event that a situation would require the disclosure of the client's identity in order to understand a case fully, only the first name will be used during the consultation or supervision. Written permission of the client must be obtained prior to the consultation.

Situations where more than one counselee (couple, family, or group therapy) is involved, written permission from all legally accountable persons who have been present during counseling must be obtained, prior to any disclosure. Dr. Beverly Wright is committed to keeping private:

  • All Intake Forms
  • Client's Complaints or Problems
  • Any Recent Medical Problems or Medical History, including Any Drugs Being Taken
  • Client's Progress Notes, Telephone Conversations, and Any Dates of Communication