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Dr. Wright offers Christian Counseling and Faith Based Counseling, including:

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"Counseling is in vain, unless it is founded upon the Word of the Lord."


About the Office of Dr. Beverly Wright

Congratulations! Today, you are one step closer to becoming empowered, and headed onto a positive path of peace, growth, and understanding. Do you continually pour yourself into everyone, and everything, only to feel empty and resentful? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Perhaps, you have been unfaithful to your spouse and have a desire to save your marriage. Contact Dr. Wright in Washington, DC, to schedule an appointment.  

Through faith-based counseling, a healthier, happier, and wiser "you" will manifest. In a nonjudgmental and safe environment, exploration will take place to discover, reduce, or eliminate any problematic circumstances. Dr. Beverly Wright, a committed Christian counselor in Washington, DC, looks forward to working with you, and applauds you for taking the first step toward a happier state of existence.

Let's start your tomorrow, today!

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Promoting Growth & Healing through Faith-Based Counseling 

Code of Ethics 

As a Christian counselor, Dr. Beverly Wright is dedicated to practicing a strict code of ethics and building meaningful relationships with each client who walks through her door. She conducts herself in a Christ-like and professional manner.

Code of Ethics

Privacy Statement

Confidentiality is crucial to an effective and trusting counseling relationship. All records of clients receiving counseling will be stored, handled, or disposed of in a way that assures security and confidentiality of the client and their situation(s).

Privacy Statement

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