About the Office of Dr. Beverly Wright

As a dedicated Christian counselor, Dr. Wright stands out as one of the few African American women in the metropolitan region trained and licensed through seminary. With a heart dedicated to uplifting, educating, and pouring into each person who seeks services, Dr. Wright’s passion is to facilitate forgiveness from the past, healing for the present, and hope for the future.

Step into her care and embark on a journey towards a more wiser, peaceful, authentic self.

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A Word from Dr. Wright

“My name is Beverly Wright, and I am a seminary licensed clinical Christian counselor, with training in individual, premarital, marriage, and family counseling.

I want to share some information about myself and my counseling principles, so you may make a fully informed decision about using my services.

First and foremost, I am a Christian counselor. As a Christian counselor I believe that hiding our beliefs and trying to do value-free counseling is both unwise and impossible to do. Like most counselors, I recognize that personal problems can come about because of physiology, social-environmental influences, and psychological pressures.

I also believe many problems can be spiritual in nature, resulting from either not understanding biblical truth and/or making poor choices. I also believe individuals are created in God’s image and can only feel complete and fulfilled through a relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ. The main goal of Christian counseling, like the goal of Christian living, is to enable clients to move toward greater emotional and spiritual health.

As a Christian counselor, I am not limited to psychological techniques or to my own human efforts and wisdom. I believe that God is the real authority in counseling and He gives us the resources to change. I believe that counseling without Our Creator is operating in human vanity and ineffective. My counseling goal is to advocate forgiveness from the past, strength and comfort for the present, and hope for the future.

Along with being a Christian counselor, I am a wife, a mother of three, a grandmother, and a professional. I bring extensive life experiences to the counseling relationship. I am sensitive to the many dilemmas we face, and I am trained to identify and assist in navigating through the process of obtaining wholeness and clarity.

My education encompasses a graduate level business degree (M.B.A), which is utilized in the corporate world. The degrees which I hold for the ministry are; a Master of Theology (M.Th.), Master of Divinity (M.Div.), and a Doctorate of Christian Counseling (D.Min).”

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