What Is Executive or Career Coaching?

Executive/Professional Coaching

Executive coaching is a specialized form of coaching tailored to the needs of executives and leaders within organizations. It focuses on enhancing leadership skills, communication abilities, decision-making, strategic thinking, and overall performance in the workplace. Dr. Wright works one-on-one with her clients to identify strengths, areas for improvement, and goals specific to their role and organization. She provides support, guidance, and feedback to help executives navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve their professional objectives. Executive coaching can be particularly beneficial for leaders seeking to enhance their effectiveness, lead change initiatives, manage teams more effectively, or navigate career transitions.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is a specialized form of coaching focused on helping individuals navigate their career paths, make informed decisions about their professional development, and achieve their career goals. Dr. Wright works with clients to explore their interests, values, strengths, and skills, as well as to identify potential career options and opportunities. She provides guidance, support, and resources to help clients clarify their career objectives, develop strategies for advancement, and overcome obstacles in their career journey. The ultimate aim is to empower individuals to create fulfilling and successful careers aligned with their aspirations and values.

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